Saturday, 27 September 2008

Come Together - Volume 1 (A Baggy Compilation)

Following my recent discovery of The Ruling Class, who have just released their debut single, I had started thinking about the early ninties Baggy scene whom they are clearly inspired by. I decided to put together a few tracks from that era for my mp3 player and suddenly I had several cd's worth of tracks. After a few listens and as a way of giving something back to the many people who posted some of these tunes on web, I decided to post the first of many compilations here for you.

It is then with great pleasure I give you Come Together Volume 1

  1. Blur - Come Together
  2. My Jealous God - Everything About You
  3. Sensitize - Maniac
  4. Top - No. 1 Dominator
  5. The Charlatans - Always In Mind (Peel Session)
  6. Airhead - Funny How
  7. Bedazzled – Teenage Mother Superior
  8. Love Kittens - What Goes On?
  9. Sweet Jesus - Honey Loving Honey
  10. Thousand Yard Stare - 0-0 A.E.T.
  11. Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched By the Hand Of Cicciolina (Edited Highlights)
  12. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big
  13. James - How Was It For You?
  14. Five Thirty - 13th Disciple
  15. That Uncertain Feeling - On The Edge
  16. Neds Atomic Dustbin - Happy
  17. That Petrol Emotion - Hey Venus (Mad Thatcher Disease Mix)



duncandonuts said...

The Charlatans track takes me back - nice post much appreciated :-)

Anonymous said...

Been looking for that Hey Venus track for quite some time. Thanks!!!

Happy Daze said...

Hope you enjoy it. The Andy Weatherall remix of Abandon is also on another of the compilations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this great compilations - you've spread a lot of love around! I'd forgotten how great Paris Angels sound.